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Government Affairs: July

We’ll have a Gov’t Affairs committee meeting a week late this month.  Good meeting last month to begin setting our agenda for the coming months.

PABA Government Affairs Agenda – July 13 2021

One item of interest not on the attached agenda:  PABA’s contribution to the North Olympic Legislative Alliance’s agenda build for next year’s legislative session.  Here’s an excellent suggestion from Kaj Ahlburg, with the last item an additional thought from me:

  • Accelerate replacement of Elwha bridge
  • Accelerate construction of Dungeness off-channel reservoir to ensure late summer minimum stream flows (mitigation fees for water permits in WRIA 18 East have recently quadrupled)
  • Offsets for large and economically disadvantaged rural counties that disproportionately rely on road transportation to mitigate unequal impact of carbon cap-and-trade bill and carbon emission target of 95% reduction by 2050
  • Something about relief from the most onerous building code/stormwater requirements for economically disadvantaged counties and cities suffering from a housing crisis, to make construction of low cost and multi-family housing more economically feasible – would have to be better formulated and more precise
  • Enact legislation giving flexibility for County Boards of Health to tailor pandemic restrictions to fit the circumstances in each individual county.  Avoids an overly restrictive, “one-size-fits-all” approach, tailored to the county most impacted by the public health crisis.

See you Tuesday after the Hospital Commissioner candidate forum.


Jul 13 2021


8:30 am - 9:30 pm